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by Tim Wiggins
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Penis Enlarging Is Now Easy And Possible Thanks To Male Edge

There are many different methods to enlarge your penis - from pills and herbal tablets to complicated equipment even surgery interventions. Some of them are effective others not so much. Nowadays more men do not appreciate the size of their penis and they are ready to do everything to increase it. Who says that size does not matter? About 65 percent from the men would confirm that size does matter because they are dissatisfied with theirs.

Man always want to develop in some way and may be that explains the fact that many men all around the world think that they are the only ones that have doubts but it is not quite so. Just like the women who would like to enlarge their breasts, men would have the right to dream for bigger penis.

For many men the only and most sure and safe way is to give themselves to a surgery intervention. However, there is an alternative way, which may seem easier and safer - the new Male Edge device that gives you one effective way to enlarge your penis.

Male Edge stimulates the natural growth of the penis by using traction. Clinical tests show that the enlargement of the penis could reach 24 percent length and 19 percent girth.

The size of the penis increases with 1,5 centimeters in width and 5 centimeters in length after 5 months of use. The efficiency is high with men with curved penis which Male Edge can correct from 50 to 90 percent. Every additional centimeter to the penis is permanently added because the process can't be reversed.

Since Male Edge is traction device, it applies traction to the penis and quite safely the inhibitor is suppressed which in normal conditions prevents the multiplication of the cells. The lack of this inhibitor allows the growth immediately. With Male Edge, the stimulation of the cells and the continuous use of appropriate traction help them divide and multiply and this leads to enlargement of the penis.

Traction leads to stimulation of dividing of the cells and by way the tissue itself increases and also the penis. Once you have reached the wanted size of your penis you can stop using Male Edge on the second without worrying that the penis will return to its original size.

Male Edge could be worn during the day at work unless you have to perform heavy physical labor. You can even sleep with it if you can get used to it and you are comfortable.

You can be sure that Male Edge gives you guarantees for good results and quality. The product is certified under the standards of ISO:9000 in the beginning of 1990. Its quality meets the required regulations and standards of Europe and North America.