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by Tim Wiggins
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Jes Extender and Accessories VS Neuro Peak Reviews

Jes extender is a great extender device that provides effectiveness and quality. With Jes extender, it is possible to permanently and significantly enlarge your penis and to be no longer bothered with the insufficient size of your penis. The enlargement with Jes extender is permanent and completely harmless for your health. Jes extender is a natural enlargement method and it won't have negative effects on your erections. In fact, it will even contribute for better and long lasting erections.

Jes extender is approved from the medical society and it is an advisable method for effective and safe penis enlargement. Thousands of men have already managed to achieve their goals with Jes extender, and they are now satisfied with their penis size. If you are already familiar with the advantages of Jes extender and you own one yourself, you might want to improve the comfort of the treatment with Jes extender and try some of the accessories that are available for the product. There are a couple of accessories that can be used with Jes extender to provide for you better comfort and more pleasant experience during your treatment with Jes extender. The accessories for the Jes extender are meant for extra protection and comfort with the device. First thing you should get with the Jes extender is the rubber strap. This rubber strap is used to secure the device from loosening up and falling of the penis, the rubber strap fits the front part of the extender and it won't allow it to misplace. The rubber strap is useful during nighttime for example, when you sleep you are turning in your bed constantly and this may loosen up the extender and it will fall off, with the strap the extender will be secured and you can be sure it will be in its right place in the morning.

What you might also need is the protection pad. The protection pad is something like a soft cushion in a ring shape, which will provide some extra security. You can also get a key, which allows you to decrease or increase the amount of traction force. The key is a useful tool, because when you advance in your treatment, you will need some traction force. The comfort front set combines a safety pad and a safety strap, it will increase the comfort when you use your Jes extender and it will make the usage safer. What might also come useful is the DVD of Jes extender, which includes detailed instructions for the best usage of Jes extender and it will make the treatment process easier for you.

The accessories for Jes extender will come as a great addition to your successful penis enlargement.