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Being Human


by Tim Wiggins
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Volume Pills Reviews: Give Yourself the Opportunity to Succeed

Part of my raw food coaching system is to supply my clients with strategies to succeed in their goals whatever diet they choose to follow.

There is often a conflict going on inside of yourself when you tell yourself the story that if something "bad" happens you need to reach for the unhealthy food fix. [I will refer to this food as THE BROWNIE because that is my favorite do-myself-in food fix] So, if you don't give in, what is there to take it's place? Do you get angry? sad? Is it even about the food? Probably not! I think many of us have heard that . Doesn't matter much if you are dead set on eating THE BROWNIE in the moment.

So - you might even go back and forth that you are blowing your diet or you can't control yourself. If you do get it, you have no self control, you go back to square one with your diet: If you've dieted before you know all of this.

Just be sure that if you have a craving, give yourself the opportunity to succeed.

What do I mean by that? Well, namzaric something happened to me yesterday that really upset me. So, after work, I suggested to the kids that we go out for ice cream. Surely, that would taste good enough for me to forget my feelings. And then, I remembered that I should give myself the opportunity to succeed. There was a really ripe, delicious watermelon in the fridge. I grabbed it and ate: quite a bit! You know what? It satisfied me. It was so good, in fact, that I was truly happy I had it to eat rather than ice cream. Plus, it saved me the $10 I would have spent taking us all out for ice cream. BTW - the kids had ice pops and were just as happy.

Beware of having too little food. If you head off for the day without enough to sustain you, you could set yourself up for failure. Sipping green smoothies is a great way to cleanse your body and keep up with your diet but if it's not satisfying it's not working.

I try to keep some stashes at work of nuts and dried fruit. I also try to overpack with meal options. Today, I had a big container of green smoothie, lettuce and a sweet potato. And, guess what? I was starving at lunch. It wasn't enough for me today. You'll see that each day brings with it it's own hunger. If you are home-based, forget it - the fridge is right there to be opened if you are starving - yikes!

One of the best things about eating raw plant-based foods is that the food keeps!! If it's not too hot out, you can have some apples & bananas around. Some days if I sense I'll be extra hungry I'll pack hummus and some Ezekiel bread along with me. If I end up not needing it I can have it for part of my dinner.