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by Tim Wiggins
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Diet And Exercise For Abs Tan Physics

The Abs Diet is a plan that promises to take 12 pounds off your midsection in just two weeks. This is a great diet for abs, but there are many others. The key trick to these diets: the concern is not how much you take off around the middle, but how much muscle mass you add to your body. In a good abs diet, exercise is the key.

This is partly because muscle mass burns significantly more calories than fat or other parts of your body. When you follow an abs diet plan properly, so ibgard every ten pounds of muscle you gain burns about an extra 500 calories every day. Your exercise and diet for abs can help you take off weight and keep it off in the future.

Working With Your Diet for Abs

If you're building up your muscles, you can't just go on Slimfast or some other calorie-restricting method; you'll need to eat more protein and less carbs, but you also can't just go on Atkins. Start by learning everything you can about an abs diet. For women, that may mean you'll have to eat more, not less.

The original version of the abs diet was created by the editor of Men's Health Magazine, who has also written the Abs Diet book. The first rule in this diet is to stop eating three large meals and start eating six small ones spaced out throughout the day. Why? Because small meals are less likely to be stored as body fat, and more likely to be burned as energy; and when you have a more constant supply of energy through your digestive tract, your insulin levels normalize themselves instead of spiking three times a day. Ultimately, you have more energy and it's easier to lose weight just because your metabolism is smoothed out.

The suggested core foods in this diet for abs building are, roughly, nuts, beans and legumes, green vegetables especially spinach, fat-free dairy, instant oatmeal, eggs, lean meats, peanut butter, olive oil, whole grain breads, extra protein in the form of whey powder, and berries. You'll notice that abs diet food does not include white starches, any sugars, and is low in fat.

This sounds like a hard diet to follow, but it's not. You can find abs diet recipes everywhere online and offline, and after eating those six meals a day for a few weeks, the extra energy boost you'll notice will become addictive. You won't want to eat any other way.