By | April 8, 2018

At present, a variety of options are available for users to keep a watch on their financial matters.Using personal finance software is the best alternative to go for.Quicken 2018; creation of Intuit Inc. is the top brand that first comes to mind.Likewise, other finance software, several versions of Quicken are available.As a beginner, it's basic version will offer you a lot; more than sufficient.From balancing your chequebook to paying bills online, it keeps a record of your day-to-day work in a smart way.


Before moving forward, let me tell you that current version of Quicken is likely to have some issues.And if you are among those users and facing the issue, this article will be beneficial for you.Guys, if you face the issue while opening Quicken after updating it to the latest version, possibly it may be due to an issue with the primary installation.On the other side, if you are able to access Quicken but not get access to your files, it may be due to the reason for signing with your Quicken ID.

No doubt, Quicken is a very secure and safe path to access your financial records, thus you need to log in with your personal Id to access it.Suppose, you forget your Id and password, you can do this:
a) Firstly, go to Quicken log in page, click 'I Forget my Password' option their
b) Now, you need to enter your Quicken ID after that click on "submit&quot
c) Enter 6 digit code and put in the new password.Write it down somewhere, so that you don't forget it again
If you still not able to access Quicken, this may not be the issue.Try opening Quicken in silent mode.When you do this, the program without data files will be opened by Quicken.For this, go with below-given steps:
* First of all, you need to hold the ''ctrl'' and ''shift'' key together on your keyboard.Now, go to Quicken icon and double-click on it.It will allow Quicken to open a blank screen
* As this happens, you would come to know that the issue is within the data file that is hampering Quicken from accessing.For this, you need to restore a backup file
* As it is done, you can now validate the data.Go to file section, select file operation option there.Hit 'validate and repair' option then click on 'Ok' button.
Also, you may avail our phone support services.Just dial the toll-free number of Quicken Help Services to fix the error.Or you can also use Quicken Support Line for the assistance.

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