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Depending on the nature of data, the reports of Quicken may be simple or complicated.It can sometimes produce even unexpected results.You must be aware what exactly happens to your software when reports are not working?
Basically, you should know that reports are made from various type of data entered by the user in Quicken database, like files, your account details, payee and categories and all the data related to user's transactions.Quicken reports are thus customizable in order for users to see data displayed in a way they want.You may also save the version of the instant report and no need to repeat the process of customization.
Customised reports on Quicken
The save and customize option available in accounting software can help design your reports.Also, problem of creating the report in a manner you didn't expect may arise.If your files are updated through different product version for a long time, the features/functions gets changed and the code on which your reports relied on exist no more.When you are having an issue with your saved reports, do one thing, just find out what your standard Quicken report shows for those other things, say banking, investment, expenditure etc.And the user must do it without any prior customizing.If it shows availability of data, you may start adding your own settings for customization.
What should you do when Quicken report option doesn't represent the expected data?
- First of all, select the data range, account details, categories etc. from which you want your data.You should use a current year to date for your standard default settings.In case, you are missing out on certain transactions, you can include all dates.
- Please verify the report that you have selected is suitable for the related account and the data is as per your expectation
- Ensure that Quicken files are not prone to any quality issue related to data.Also, the Quicken windows files can validate and repair data.You may use it to find out the issue with data.
Suppose, the report shows expected data but some parts are missing, ensure the date the range consists of those dates as well which are related to transactions that are missing.

You should also verify if the missing transactions are of the same theme so that you can categorize the problem and find if there is any error with payee/date/any other category.For more information related to Quicken software, Contact  Quicken  Support.Or you can also contact Quicken Chat Support for the assistance.

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