How To Extend,Upgrade or Downgrade Your Quicken Membership?

By | September 14, 2018

For experienced users, handling Quicken is quite handy, but for newcomers, it can be a baffling task,as several terms are there that requires complete understanding to manage this product of Intuit. In this blog,we will tell our users how can they extend, activate, and upgrade/downgrade Quicken Membership.


With the automatic renewal feature of Quicken, the subscribed users can receive the new subscription before the older product gets expired.If you have not gone for the auto-renewal function, simply purchase another subscription and to extend the existing subscription. Suppose, you wish to add some more time to existing subscription (that has time to expire), go and purchase the subscription plan as per your need. This will automatically extend the product's current version. In brief, we can say that whenever a new product is bought by the user, it automatically gets added to the existing subscription.

Steps to be followed to add a new product to existing subscription:

- First, list the product that you want to buy in Quicken shopping cart.
- Next, Log in with your Quicken ID and password.
- After then, go to “My account” page and see where the product version and subscription period.

If bought from a retailer:

- Get the version you like to activate. In case, you are buying different version, your      existing version will be pro-rated and applied to the expiration date.
- On the registered email, you will get the activation code. In the case of CD/DVD,        you can find the activated code on the case.
- Now, move to
- Tap Help>Activation Product Key for Windows.
- Move to Quicken>Enter Activation Code for Mac.
- After then, click on Begin Activation.
- Give the product key and tap on Activate membership.
- Once you inserted the product activation code, the extended date can be viewed       in  Help>About Quicken for Windows and Quicken>About Quicken (for Mac).

Perform the steps to startup Quicken:

- First of all, install and launch Quicken membership.
- Next, log in with your Quicken ID and password
- Once you are logged in, you are ready to go with Quicken.


To activate Quicken membership, have a look at the given steps:

  For boxed version:

  • Begin by installing Quicken application on your device.
  • Next, log in with your related Quicken Id or design a new a/c.
  • Now, click on Begin Activation and activate the Quicken membership
  • Insert the 16 digit activation code that you can see on the CD you bought.
  • Go and check your email to receive the confirmation
  • Enter the activation code, followed by pressing the 'Continue' button.
  • Finally, Quicken membership is activated.


  • From your app store, get Quicken software, and install it on your device.
  • Go with the on-screen directions and give the necessary details for permissions.
  • Sign in with your Quicken ID and password, or design a new a/c
  • After logging in, please enter your product key and you are ready to use it.


The term 'Upgrading' means to migrate your software version to the higher one and replacing the same with lower version can be called as 'Downgrading'. If you are having Quicken 2016 or previous version,upgrade it to the current patch by buying the newer product. The term Upgrade is different from Update.Through Update, you can feel better experience with the same version, on the other side, in Upgrade the
version is completely different from the previous one.If you wish to downgrade your software version, get the older version and use it in the place of the existing version.

To upgrade or downgrade your Quicken version, go with the provided steps:

  • Purchase the CD/DVD for the patch you wish to install. Enter the newly purchased product and replace it with the older one.
  • Go to Quicken's official website and from there, install the latest or older version. To install the product,move with the on-screen instructions.

In case, you find it hard to perform above-discussed methods, make a call at 'Quicken Support' to seek expert's guidance. The toll number works 24*7, call us anytime, no matter whether it is day or night.You may also visit Quicken Help for the technical assistance.

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