How To Change Home Currency In Quicken 2018?

By | May 3, 2018

As a user when you install Quicken for business purpose, it generally uses one currency i.e 'Home Currency'.It assigns default/home currency to all your accounts and investments.You can also change the home currency if you want to do.Suppose you relocate to another country and continue using your existing Quicken accounts then change it with the steps mentioned below.

As and when your change to a new home currency, all the exchange rates in the Currency List and Edit Currency window are converted as per new home currency.
When user create a new account, Quicken mentions the home currency in Currency Field in New Account information window.You can change home currency and choose the new one from the drop-down list.Follow the simple steps:-
a) Go to Tools Menu>Currency List.
b) Now, select the currency which you want to use as your 'Home Currency'.
c) Click on OK button to confirm that you want to have new currency as Home Currency.

Points to consider:

a) The user must enable Quicken for multi-currency support so as to change currency.It may help you if you wish to work with more than one currency in Quicken.
b) Regional options selected in your Windows Control Panel may also affect currency display.
You can also see your default currency-
1. Click the Windows start menu.
2.Go to Settings> Control Panel.
3. Now double click on Regional Settings.The location shown in Regional Settings tab shows your default currency.If you need any further assistance then you can visit us at Quicken Support Chat for the assistance.You may also dial Quicken Support Phone Number for the assistance.

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